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We Yog Landscaping Colorado Springs are a landscaping design & build firm and serving as a top rated landscapers in Colorado Springs. Who has been revolutionizing design for last few years. We specialize in full Landscape maintenance Services, Custom Landscape Design & Installation, Subsurface Drainage Work, Paver, natural stone and concrete patios plus many more services under one roof. These quality services separate us from other landscaping companies Colorado Springs. We have been installing landscapes in Colorado Springs and servicing existing landscapes from years. We are your one stop source for all your Colorado Springs landscaping needs!

Need a Landscapers Colorado Springs?

If you are thinking like how to create a themed garden design which kicks butt? Or Not sure what plants or landscaping fit your lifestyle? Or concern about high costing but searching for affordable quality service?

We are here ready to have one Landscapers in Colorado Springs manage your next outdoor landscaping project, with the knowledge, experience, and customer service that you deserve. We know all about Colorado Springs climate and can create a design which can implement very best.

Our Landscaping Colorado Springs Services

landscape design colorado spring

Landscape Design & Installation

We like to meet with you to get your landscaping ideas & help shape them into the landscape of your dreams.


landscapers colorado springs-Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

We offer full service landscape maintenance where we can handle everything from planting & fertilizing to lawn cutting to sprinkler maintenance.


rock water gardens

Rock Gardens with Water Features

If you want something fantastic to make your landscape unique, let us help create something special for you to enjoy for rock & perennial gardens.


Hardscaping Colorado Springs


Whether you are looking for a fire pit or a flag stone patio let us help you find the certain decorative, but functional use of your yard.


outdoor-landscape-lighting-colorado springsOutdoor Landscape Lighting

We are capable design and install an outdoor lighting system for your home that will illuminate all your property’s best features.


 Outdoor Living - Colorado Springs LandscapingOutdoor Living

Our trained installation team can professionally install just about any landscape idea you can dream up Functional, well designed outdoor areas extend your living space.

Some Landscaping Tips For You

The beauty of a landscape with landscape house should complement each other. In order to achieve this harmony, have to consider and examine your options and you get scale landscape design.

There are actually so many aspects in do-it-yourself landscaping like budget, skills, the climate in your region or place, personal design tastes and resources from landscaping companies Colorado Springs. If you really want to beautify your home through landscaping, here are some tips for planning, landscaping piecemeal solutions that can help you.

  1. Make sure that you give to your landscaping with a theme every year. Surefire tip in landscaping is to give something related to four seasons, so that you are never exceeded. A combination of a number of plants with flowering trees or shrubs in the total and autumn leaves would do.
  2. See the Use pf evergreens for continuity. If it’s usually focuses more on DIY landscaping trees and shrubs, but it is not, it does not include evergreens that more structure and the prospect of the diversity and continuity to this space.
  3. Don’t forget to assimilate hardscape not in the start and end value landscape planning. Apart from the very attention to plants, if forgotten landscaping, you don’t, hardscape features such as fences and other garden decorations. You try something more concrete, courtyards and terraces in the garden, because the great shift take of your interior for your outdoor area.
  4. Not be intimidated in the deployment of water games. One of the best points of all models is excellent landscape characteristic of the water. In addition, one of the hottest trends in landscaping today, installing a water feature not just your garden more attractive, but it can only create relaxing smoothing sounds. The body of water most basic, can install is ponds. If you believe that you are ready to do something bigger and better, check the conception of a simple waterfall by the fountain at low prices, flexible tubing, preformed rigid plastic liners, and durable pumps.
  5. Through foundations beds shorter filled planting in rows of three, which included a rear row of tall plants, a SME line with following higher plants planted and a first line of plants. Repetition of each flower bedding give your garden a uniform appearance.
  6. Experiment on the use of annuals to supplement perennial hues and colors. Perennial flowers suitable for flower beds, because they last a long time. But because they bloom only for a certain period of time, it is best if you try incorporating annual plants with perennial weeds, so you can perform all tasks in colorless in flowerbeds resistant flowers are not yet in full bloom. If you are very particular about the coordination of the two types of flower color, try with a gallery, so that you have ideas, what is the right color for your garden plan.

Cropping can maintenance & plant care tips

  • June is the best time to prune spring flowering shrubs.
  • July is the time to prune your rhododendron and Azaleas before flower buds for next year.
  • Drying of anti-virus programs to protect your plates of burning of winter HOBA.
  • August is the best time to bloom in the spring to divide perennials.
  • August is the best time to apron for your lawn, has airy kernel for a better lawn next spring.
  • In order to get berries on your Holly bushes, you need male and female plants.
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